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Some Hidden Aspects of Receiving Myotherapy Massage

Myotherapy is used to treat muscle problems and promote deep relaxation. Many massage techniques are used in the myotherapy process to achieve the desired results. The techniques used in myotherapy are massage effects, deep massage, pressing, twisting, and rolling the skin. Receive myotherapy and stimulate many physiological effects in the body, including increasing venous return, reducing adhesions, increasing positive hormones, and reducing cortisol. Myotherapy can be applied to all parts of the body.

What are the benefits of myotherapy massage?

Myotherapy massage has many benefits. The benefits of myotherapy massage are relaxation, reduced tension, relieve pain, increase flexibility and improve recovery.


One benefit of receiving a remedial massage is the effect of deep relaxation. Remedial massage can be adapted to use many therapeutic massage techniques to encourage both physical and mental relaxation. Physical relaxation allows muscles to relax, lower in tone and decrease tension. Relaxed muscles decrease pain and allow better function. Remedial massage also relaxes the mind by stimulating feel good hormones from the brain. Hormones are released to enhance emotions of calmness and happiness.

Reduce tension

One of the benefits of myotherapy massage is to reduce tension. Tension is when a muscle is in a semi-contracted state for a period of time. Increased muscle tone can cause stiffness, pain, and restricted movement. Myotherapy massage can effectively relieve tension. Myotherapy massage helps to increase the temperature of soft tissues, reduce pain, and increase mental relaxation and increase tissue elasticity.

Reduce pain

Myotherapy massage can also help reduce pain. There are many reasons for pain. Myotherapy massage helps release hormones, thereby relieving pain, reducing stress, and interrupting pain signals to the brain. Myotherapy massage helps to affect the central nervous system. It causes the release of endorphins, thereby eliminating pain in the brain. It also helps reduce muscle tension, cramps, and pain by stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the body. Massage stimulates the theory of pain gates and prevents pain impulses from crossing the spinal cord to the brain. Pain perception is regulated by other signals transmitted to the brain.

Greater flexibility

Myotherapy massage is an effective and beneficial massage method that can increase flexibility. Excessive repetition or prolonged static muscle movement can cause tissues to become hard and lack elasticity. Hard tissues affect metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which the body consumes energy. In muscle, the rate of metabolism refers to the rate at which waste products can be eliminated and oxygen and nutrients can be provided.

Improve recovery

Myotherapy massage techniques such as kneading can help pull the elastic structure to near maximum length in all directions. This is important to maintain the normal elasticity of the tissue that is constantly under pressure. Myotherapy massage may be an important part of the recovery process. A good massage can also help athletes train more effectively and avoid injuries.

As part of a training program or after an injury, myotherapy massage can help promote recovery. Myotherapy massage helps to stimulate the healing of body soft tissues after injury. Massage can improve blood circulation; stimulate oxygen and nutrients to repair damaged cells. Such a massage also helps relieve pain so that the injured person can heal and return to normal shape.


Myotherapy massage is a massage that focuses on the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues. Myotherapy massage also helps treat exercise-related and non-sport-related muscle conditions. The techniques used in myotherapy massage are deep blows, compressions, frictions, lifts, and vibrations.

Receiving myotherapyin Coburg can produce effective physiological benefits, including the increased venous return, increased temperature, removal of waste, increased cell exchange, and increased tissue elasticity. The masseur will perform myotherapy massage according to your treatment goals.

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