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Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy which focuses on assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal pain and allied pathologies that cause muscular dysfunction. These ailments may cause pain affecting movement and mobility in your everyday activities or specific exercises that you do. Myotherapy Treatment relieves pain by applying pressure at the trigger points (hypersensitive places in muscles) of the affected areas.

Myofacial pain strikes with common symptoms like: reduced joint mobility, stiff joints, numbness, deep and constant aching, muscle tingling, tightness, pins and needles, recurrent prickling, etc. Myotherapy treats the symptoms as well as the cause of myofacial pain by restoring and maintaining the typical integrity of soft tissue structures (tendons, muscles, fascia and ligaments). […]

Here are some of the techniques that we use:

Massage and stretching, including sports and remedial techniques
Passive stretching, involving softly moving the affected body part within its range of motion
Trigger Point Therapy (acupressure)
Hot and cold therapy
Electro needling
Myofacial Dry needling
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy
Cupping Therapy
Posture Correction and corrective exercise
Postural advice and education
Nutritional advice and exercise prescription

When do you need Myotherapy Treatment?

I have been seeing this therapist for a few years now and have had the most results from his treatment compared any other therapist I went to over the years. He has great experience over 10 years doing his job and would highly recommend him to anyone having the average injuries from lower back and shoulders to specific problems.
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Roger Gold

I came to Ali in April 2016 after being diagnosed with two prolapsed discs and an extend lumbar spine. The damage was that bad that my GP wrote me a refferal to counsult a neurosurgeon for a fusion. The pain was severe enough the somedays I literally couldn’t walk a metre. The sciatica I was experiencing was nothing I had ever experienced before, it was truly debilitating. Read More

Marcus Speekman

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