MASSAGE Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic


Trigger Point Therapy

Myofacial Trigger Points are hypersensitive places in the muscles that can create shocking amount of discomfort and some surprising effects, more than people can even imagine. It is a small patch of firmly contracted muscle located in a taut band of skeletal muscle.

Massage Melbourne

Being perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions, massage is known for its therapeutic properties and is used to treat a variety of ailments. Manual techniques are applied during various massages to break compensatory pain postures and patterns and aid various purposes.

Dry Needling Melbourne

This technique relies on “dry needle” – one without injection or medication, inserted through the skin into the muscle knots or trigger points to treat myofascial pain. It is commonly known as Trigger Point Dry Needling or intramuscular manual therapy.

Cupping Melbourne

Cupping is a gentle and effective physical therapy in which cups are placed on the skin to create a kind of suction. The suction of cups mobilizes blood flow and promotes healing of a broad range of ailments. These cups are made of a variety of materials including glass, bamboo, plastic and earthenware.

Posture Correction Melbourne

With the winding lifestyle, some people develop back ache, neck pain, arthritis and other spine related issues much more quickly than others. Bad posture is the main reason behind these problems in most of the cases. Musculoskeletal pain is mostly related to the imbalance in the body’s alignment caused by poor posture.

Melbourne Muscular Therapies

Muscular therapies primarily focus on: the assessment, treatment and prevention of pain and injury problems and the relaxation and stress reduction of muscular tensions. In Melbourne, muscular therapies are widely gaining traction due to their benefits on a number of ailments.

Remedial Massage Brunswick East

At Alternative Myotherapy, we specialist in remedial massages and myotherapy, aiming to meet the requirements and live up to the expectations of our clients. Adopting a holistic approach for these treatments, we lay our focus upon muscle balance and strengthening.