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Posture Correction

With the winding lifestyle, some people develop back ache, neck pain, arthritis and other spine related issues much more quickly than others. Bad posture is the main reason behind these problems in most of the cases. Musculoskeletal pain is mostly related to the imbalance in the body’s alignment caused by poor posture. During musculoskeletal problems, some muscles are over working and some are not working at all. This constantly create stress on the joints over time and consequently leads to pain. These problems and ailments can be effectively treated with Posture Correction Therapy in Melbourne.

How does poor posture impact?

Poor posture not only looks bad, it also has some severe physical, mental and emotional impacts on an individual. When your body is not properly aligned (for e.g. when you hunch forward or slouch), it forces some muscles to work hard while others get weaker. The breathing capacity or circulation may also get effected. The decrease and even loss of shoulder movement along with chronic pain, neck-related headaches and the drop in the capability to work-out as well as many other problems stem from poor posture.

Posture Correction at Alternative Myotherapy

The initial visit will include a full postural analysis by Ali. Ali will educate you about the imbalances that are occurring in your body. Once the source of your symptoms are identified, a sequence of massages, stretches and corrective exercises will be developed specific to your needs. Every activity during posture correction therapy in Melbourne has its own particular role:

  • Massages – These massages will loosen and relax the muscles made sore by bad posture and will allow your body to position itself in its healthy and natural way, and pain-free posture.
  • Corrective exercise – The exercises or positions allow the body to re-pattern or re-set so that a permanent change will take place in your overall alignment. Firstly, the posture and movement imbalances and joint limitations are identified and then Ali develops a program to correct them.

Massage and corrective exercise together loosen up your joints, which makes it easier for you to get into a better posture afterward. There are myriad benefits of Posture Correction therapy in Melbourne, as it:

  • Increases ability to breathe and allows muscles to work at optimum capacity, thus improving the metabolism
  • Makes you more alert, productive and concentrated
  • Reduces the strain on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together
  • Inhibits the spine from becoming immovable in unusual or abnormal positions
  • Ensures proper use of muscles by keeping joints and bones in the right alignment
  • Helps reduce the unusual wearing of joint surfaces
  • Prevents muscular pain and backache
  • Contributes to a good appearance and developed self-confidence

When you can start?

It is never too late! You can start any time, which means as soon as you realize the need of posture correction therapy for yourself. Apart from posture correction therapy, our services also include cupping for Pain Relief, Dry Needling, and other muscular therapies in Melbourne. With over 10 years of experience, Ali also offers great Myotherapy services in Brunswick. To book an appointment, call 0449 698 635 or write to us at You can also drop in our address to get consultation from Ali.