MASSAGE Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic


I have been seeing this therapist for a few years now and have had the most results from his treatment compared any other therapist I went to over the years. He has great experience over 10 years doing his job and would highly recommend him to anyone having the average injuries from lower back and shoulders to specific problems. He has a very good attitude and knows how make the person comfortable! He keeps making come back 🙂

Roger Gold

I came to Ali in April 2016 after being diagnosed with two prolapsed discs and an extend lumbar spine. The damage was that bad that my GP wrote me a refferal to counsult a neurosurgeon for a fusion. The pain was severe enough the somedays I literally couldn’t walk a metre. The sciatica I was experiencing was nothing I had ever experienced before, it was truly debilitating. Ali has brought me from literally not being able to walk to my back feeling the best it has been in 4 years when I first injured it. Ali is a lifesaver, its now been over a year since i first saw Ali and i see him regularly for maintenance and credit his experience and treatment with me being able to train consistently again without back pain. I highly recommend anyone considering seeking treatment from a myotherapist, to consult with Ali

Marcus Speekman